Dan McCurdy Automotive Inc

1507 Merivale Road
Nepean, ON K2E 5P3
45.357378 -75.736973
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196 reviews
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MNG Customer Reviews (196)

 5     Ron 11/17/2015
Thanks for getting me out early.. my guests arrived before noon. Please note that a Honda recall (software upgrade) was done under warranty. Ron

 5     Kate 11/05/2015
Friendly staff, work completed on time, what's not to like! A good place to take your car.

 5     Joan / Dan 09/24/2015
Since relocating to Ottawa, we have used Dan McCurdy Automotive Inc. for all our vehicle servicing and estimates have been accurate and the work completed in a timely manner. The staff have always been friendly. It adds up to satisfied, repeat customers.

 5     Gail 09/24/2015
I have been going to Dan McCurdy for years as well as many of my friends. Dan and Paul are honest, friendly and reliable. I can always rely on them to take good care of my vehicle.

 5     Kyra 09/17/2015

 5     Ron 08/13/2015
The car benefited from your TLC on a run to Hamilton and Back. Great mileage. I see that you have failed dismally to curb your staff's appetite for donuts! Best regards Ron

 5     Joyce 08/06/2015

 5     Iva 08/06/2015
I have been taking my car to Dan's shop for quite a few years and every time I am completely satisfied with their work and it is so clean - which is another sign of the "total taking care" of absolutely everything. As well, everyone is very professional and friendly. It is a pleasure just to see them and drop off my car!!

 5     Gail 07/09/2015
I have been coming to Dan McCurdy for years and have always received professional and pleasant service from Dan and Paul. I recommend Dan McCurdy to anyone wanting this type of car care.

 5     Greg 07/02/2015
Thank you Mr. McCurdy for keeping our old van 100% safe and reliable - money well spent. GregC

 5     Gail 07/02/2015
I have been taking my car to Dan for a number of years. Both Dan and Paul are honest, friendly men that I trust to take care of my car. I always recommend Dan McCurdy Automotive when given the opportunity.

 5     Marie 06/18/2015
My one complaint re. noise coming from the car when the brakes are applied, a low ticking sound anytime the breaks are applied, was not addressed. It is clearly audible. So now I have to bring the car back on Friday.I am not threilled about that, and that after over $ 1800 of repairs.
Shop Comment
It was unfortunate that we did not here the noise on your first visit, but glad we could resolve the issue at no charge when you returned.

 5     Doug 06/04/2015
Always excellent service with friendly staff.

 5     Basil 06/04/2015
Solved the problem immediately.

 5     Doug 05/15/2015
I purchased 4 new Michelin tires and had them installed. Price was great and the installation was expertly done.

 5     Bill 05/14/2015

 5     Harold 05/01/2015
Dan - My son-in-law is your client, and was also a client of Gary's. His view, and mine, is that the most important thing with regard to car repairs is honesty, and trust in the garage to give you a straight answer. That's what I feel when I'm dealing with you - trust and excellent service. Hi Carswell

 5     Suzanne 04/30/2015

 5     Mark 04/30/2015

 5     Marie 04/23/2015
Dan McCurdy and his staff have looked after my Toyota Camry for 9 years. They are efficient, friendly and very helpful. Prices are comparable to other repair shops. Although I live further away now I have remained a faithful client, because they always provided good service and transportation for me to and from the garage. An independent garage like this deserves our support. Marie-Louise DeWitt

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